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This is so easy to use. and a must for you to use Alcohol 120, it can help you to collect all your CDs as images on your hard disk. moreover, this is also a fast and perfect tool to backup your important data. this application is a totally free software.

This is so easy to use. and a must for you to use Alcohol 120, it can help you to collect all your CDs as images on your hard disk. moreover, this is also a fast and perfect tool to backup your important data. this application is a totally free software.

Alcohol 120 provides the best way to turn a still image of a record to a movie DVD disc. Create an image of a CD or DVD. it works with images that have bit rate of 640 by 480 pixels, 200 by 200 pixels, 480 by 240 pixels, 640 by 320 pixels, 640 by 360 pixels, and 640 by 480 pixels.

What is causing this error? Alcohol 120% 1.28 doesn’t want to play files and it won’t allow me to burn any files. It is telling me to install SPTD 1.86, I have SPTD 1.68 and it won’t install. I have no idea why this is happening. I tried reinstalling but just comes back to the same problem and won’t install SPTD. Don’t know what to do. Sorry, first time posting on here.

When I run Alcohol 120, it says Driver installation failed. Please check the following options:

‘I have tried the following and have the same errors.

Uninstall the driver using Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel

Uninstall the driver using Device Manager

Reboot Computer

Reboot the system


Reboot Computer


Reboot Computer

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My favorite feature of Alcohol 120 is its ability to burn ISO images to discs. In addition, when I copy and burn ISO images to CDs/DVDs, the burning is almost instant. I also like its read and write features of burning ISO images to CDs/DVDs.

I love Alcohol!
I use Alcohol all the time. Alcohol is a great program. I use it for all sorts of things. I am SO glad Alcohol was developed.
Alcohol is my “go to” program – I don’t have to think twice about opening it.
Sometimes I’ll have used it for over a year and I’ll still have to go back and delete all my old files from it though because it does not automatically delete them anymore. Its predecessor did that.
Alcohol does the job it was meant to do. It works for me.

Arrrhh… I have used it for over a year, and it still tells me that the ISO CD/DVD image file is corrupt in a few places. I’ve reformatted my computer, use the same Alcohol version, but the same problem still exists. This means I can’t use alcohol anymore. I used to use a program called Alcohol 120% Free Edition, and in my mind, it was better than Alcohol. But now when I read the description of Alcohol, it just doesn’t sound the same.

I’ve used Alcohol to make my CDs or DVDs from the WAV files I’ve recorded with my Zoom or Zoom H5 Zoom recorder. It works well. I’m glad to see that they finally updated the Alcohol Software to include also Mac and Linux Support (Version 12.02). I’ve used Alcohol for at least a year now with no problems. Alcohol works very well. Alcohol never failed me, and never did I have any problems with it. If I can’t do something with Alcohol, I don’t know what to do. I guess it’s just for musicians, but that’s why I use it.

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Alcohol 120 Review

Alcohol 120 Review

If youre looking for a program that will quickly format your blank discs and burn data-only discs, then Alcohol by Loxx is your best option. Instead of wasting time writing information about the application to you, allow me to include a video to demonstrate how it works:

Surely the front-end of Alcohol 120% is a bit basic, but the app that it most closely resembles is the Wizard, which comes preinstalled with Windows. It lets you add apps to the program, uninstall unwanted junk, and also takes the time to walk you through how to set up the program, which was hardly necessary. While scanning was a bit slow at times, Alcohol Registration Key 120% handled other parts of the user interface with relative ease. The program handled everything we threw at it, including fairly demanding files, and it only let us down when we burned files off a USB stick. In any case, we still had to use Alcohol to burn the finished, and this was not a pretty picture. During the copy process, much of the source image was left intact, which is likely to make for a plain, but usable, finished disc. Appending a copyright or author information can be done by viewing the original file properties and using “Alcohol 120% – Settings – Exceptions”.

Once Alcohol 120% was set up and running, it was rather simple to burn discs. The program automatically created, or overwrote, any virtual disc we had already created, and the images of CDs we wanted to burn were simply dragged and dropped. With a single click of the button, the disc could then be burned and written to the disc’s designated folder, which is where all of our data comes from. We gave our test disc five minutes on alcohol 120% and it produced a finished disc. The only downside to the disc’s speeds was that it took a bit longer than other burning applications to pop the disc’s tray and eject it out of the computer. We did not notice a hard drive being used, however, and the program was pretty light on system resources. Alcohol 120% comes with a dozen presets, including images, a blank CD, a blank DVD and even a blank Blu-ray disc. We found the program at once easy to use and satisfactory, though we did have to learn the program’s quirks to gain the most from it. The available settings were easy to understand and Alcohol 120% did a good job of communicating to us what we should and should not do.

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What’s new in Alcohol 120

What's new in Alcohol 120

  • IP scan:
  • Powerful password recovery feature:
  • Improved web cloner: can automatically save the copies to text files
  • New Scan & Back Up features:
  • New version of Quick Bar:
  • New scan engine: Scan&Backup

Alcohol 120 Features

  • Burn data or regular audio CD, CD and DVD for disk burning;
  • Burn data or audio CD, CD and DVD for disk burning;

Alcohol 120 Ultra Lifetime Nulled Version

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Alcohol 120 Ultimate Registration Key

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