Cracked 360 Total Security Download Free

360 Total Security Full Latest Version

360 Total Security Full Latest Version

Qihoo 360 Total Security is a brand new free antivirus product that came to the market in 2016. Although we are reviewing the free version, it will be updated when the Premium version is available.

You have to download and install Qihoo 360 Total Security in order to use it on your computer. Once it is installed, you will be able to perform the automatic scans and manually scans if required. As far as usability is concerned, Qihoo 360 Total Security is quite easy to use and understand. The installation process was quite simple and was completed in around 10 minutes.

Some of the features that have been included in Qihoo 360 Total Security are the Trojan Killer, Sandbox, Privileged Drivers, Anti-Phishing, Privacy Protection, and Malware Protection. Of course, there is also the AV engine itself, which is far superior to what most free antivirus products offer. That being said, we have some concerns about the AV engine, but as we will explain later, most of them stem from the lack of updates and its overall alpha state. You can access all the tools and features from the main menu.

When it comes to databases, Total Security lets you create a separate container on your system. But, theres an extra step needed to create these containers. Youll need to do this manually, and that is a pain in the ass.

When it comes to Windows versions, Total Security is available for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. In terms of Mac OS version, Total Security supports El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, and lower. Android users can select and download Total Security for Android from the Google Play Store. Find the official page on the website.

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360 Total Security Full Cracked Free Download

360 Total Security Full Cracked Free Download

Aside from the above, one of the best things about 360 Total Security is that it’s not cluttered with other oddball adware. For example, it doesn’t provide a bundled browser like its competitors, or an ad-supported version of Internet Explorer.

To install 360 Total Security, you’ll be required to download the program, an installer, and an optional but resource-hogging tweak tool. Once you have completed the above, the program will begin scanning your computer. It will then ask whether you’d like to install additional add-on software; you should choose “no” if you’d like to use the real deal.

360 Total Security, by third-party antivirus developers 360 Total Security, Inc., handles a large part of the task of antivirus software, but not all of it. One of the program’s greatest strengths is that it doesn’t load bloatware onto a computer during the sign-up process. The program does not load any other software onto the system unless your users decide to install it. For many, this is a huge selling point. It’s also a good thing because, as we’ve seen, even reputable antivirus programs sneak in some additional unnecessary programs, including browser add-ons.

Most of 360 Total Security Free Download’s free features, like email scanning and the cloud-based file eraser, can be found in the Premium (paid) version. These are a tad less refined than those found in the 7-day trial version, though. Most Premium users will want to install the All-in-one (Free) version.

To start off, you can easily scan email, files, and browser histories using 360 Total Security’s cloud-based antivirus engine. This is something you can get for free with Avast Premium, but not with Avast.

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Who Uses 360 Total Security and Why Is It Important?

Who Uses 360 Total Security and Why Is It Important?

It is one of the most overlooked pieces of free software, but 360 Total Security actually rocks our antivirus world. Advantages of this tool are free antivirus, free malware remover, free optimization and very low impact on the system. However, it is little known and isnt as advanced as some other free tools. For example, free antivirus like Avira and AVG also provide on-demand scan.

As mentioned earlier, you need to download and install the professional software or buy the premium version to remove browser hijacker. Also, 360 Total Security has a built-in browser hijacker removal tool; however, you have to purchase the full version.

This total protection suite is easy to use but it doesnt offer the complete package. It offers a good optimization tool, but it doesnt provide a realistic report. The scanner is very poor, and it takes a lot of time to scan. Also, it doesnt offer any real-time protection mechanism.

However, 360 Total Security provides excellent free and paid versions of antivirus. The software offers excellent built-in scanner, clean all browser, provides portable and desktop scanner, and offers real-time protection.

Best of all, there are no monthly or yearly fees to worry about. You only pay when you need to buy more licenses or want to upgrade to the higher versions. We found this to be a great value. In addition to offering a top-notch security solution, 360 Total Security also offers a good set of utilities for users who are concerned about maintaining a stable system.

The 360 Total Security user interface is easily navigated, and offers several useful tools such as a system monitor, backup/restore, site scanner, and inventory manager. The Malware section offers a real-time overview of what is infected on your system, while the Trace Active Processes section lists the applications that are currently in use.

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360 Total Security Features

360 Total Security Features

  • Browser Protection: Changes the URL of a web page when a browser is loaded with the same content.
  • Password Protection: Combines your password with a salt to increase the chances of matching.
  • Firewall Protection: Converts the firewall system to the code set that corresponds to the operating system.
  • Social Activity Protection: Proactively monitors social networking websites and in the event someone you don’t know is posting highly sensitive information, reports it.
  • Virtualization Defense: Identifies the virtualization software and scans for Trojanized code.
  • Remote Management: Provides reporting about system configurations through the management console.
  • Keylogger Protection: Drops keystroke messages.
  • Browser Privacy Protection: Prevents web sites from recording keystrokes.
  • Spyware Protection: Detects Potentially Harmful Programs on your computer.
  • Application Protection: Provides a report for the actual application you’re using.
  • Spam Detection: Sends junk mail reports.

360 Total Security System Requirements

360 Total Security System Requirements

  • PCs running Windows 7 or 8; (Windows 8 Pro or later, Mac OSX 10.10.4 or later)
  • 1GB RAM or more
  • Intel Core i3, i5, i7, AMD Athlon, or higher
  • 1024MB video memory
  • Intel HD graphics or greater for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

360 Total Security Pro Version Registration Number

  • SCIRH-36W4Z-HU5O2-RKWFT-0M8F2-A595F

360 Total Security Serial Code

  • 8FH179RW9XXB38K80F1HGLAMI93XR0

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