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I may only be able to shoot at a rate of one shot every 10 minutes or so. Usually this will result in me capturing 30 frames per second, or 30 fps, but what is really getting me is that each frame is five megs in size, and iMovie is only able to shoot at 24 or 50 frames per second. There are professional options for dSLR shoot at 60 fps and they are some of the highest quality, but they are also high in cost. The $1100 Canon 60D is a good one. The iMovie Shoot option is there, but it is not actual for pro dSLR footage, although it is technically capable. Anything less than 60 fps is just not good enough for me or most people. CyberLink has now stepped up to the plate by offering a nifty little (and free) alteration that will go from 24 frames to 60 frames in a single editing operation. The power of this can be seen in this little video clip.

You can save your projects, share them on the web, take them to Apple TV, and more. You can also shoot with your DSLR camera or camcorder, and then easily transfer the content from your camera to your PC. You can also edit your projects on Mac and PC (for computer editing, you will need the full version of PowerDirector. For mac only editing you will need to purchase PowerDirector 15 and Mac OS X 10.4 or higher). I tend to edit my work on my Thunderbolt connected PC.

While CyberLink’s product features are well developed, it clearly hasn’t added much more to the software since v9.x. That doesn’t mean it has stagnated, though. The program’s updated file format, for example, makes it much easier to backup your project. CyberLink, again, is in the vanguard of new features that will make audio, video, and photo editing easier and better.

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CyberLink’s quick movie preview system (previously absent from Director) lets you watch a very high quality 4:3 clip full-screen on a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or TV. This is useful, since you don’t always have a monitor where you can watch your projects. You can also use a monitor at a great viewing angle and let the computer do the work.

CyberLink’s clip importing tool lets you drag in source clips of varying sizes. Unfortunately, you can only import a single clip at a time. The automatic color key allows you to key out skin, hair, and glasses with one click of a button. The automatic key is quite good, but it missed a few of the key spots on the 20-year old woman in the test. You can adjust what you see, and it’s easy to define more or fewer keyframes. This makes it easy to mask, apply a green mask, or do more specific trimming.

Several of the online streaming services have started using digital rights management (DRM) to retain control of the content. PowerDirector’s Video Stabilizer has long had the ability to remove unwanted camera shakes from an image (when enabled, the “Remove Shakes” box appears near the video preview button), and the latest update adds a Simple Mode that lets you select only the areas in the frame that need stabilization. You can also set a threshold for how much vibration you want to remove from a clip, and the program will warn you when you exceed that setting.

Like other recent apps, PowerDirector offers the ability to add frame markers (clips that occur when a video is played or paused) to your projects, so you can easily find that part of a video. Many codecs now allow you to browse the file for the codec-specific metadata. CyberLink has taken its codec support one step further. It has added the ability to search, using keywords, for photos in your collection and add those photos to projects. PhotoDirector remains a good choice for organizing your images, and it’s not hard to imagine an app that would let you add music to selected folders or clips. There are no obvious signs of progress with the features that didn’t make it into CyberLink’s latest release. We await a future update to see what fans will do.

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PowerDirector 10.0 does offer a more granular timeline, and the effect previews are more visible, but there are things like a bigger/smaller size change that you can do in Premiere Pro as well. Both of these are just image adjustments. There’s also a built-in auto-fix function that’s a part of CyberLink’s Digital Film Lab correction system. This can repair files like missing clips, but you have to specify what clip and where it’s missing so it can find the rest of the file.

CyberLink’s video stabilization for 4K resolution videos uses a technique similar to GoPro’s (though it doesn’t include optical stabilization) and Adobe After Effects for low-resolution (1080p and 720p) videos. In PowerDirector, you can choose from a range of different algorithms for stabilization, including the ability to separate multiple 5.1 channels, such as your phone’s, allowing you to stabilize each independently. After specifying the amount of correction you want in a particular format, you can play, preview, and “fix” frames, but you can also drop them into the timeline like any other clip for further editing.

There are a lot of tools in PowerDirector to help speed up the creation of video content. You can add a natural-sounding soundtrack or add voice-over if you’re making a comedy video. There are a ton of templates you can download from the CyberLink site and extract from that site, including voice-over, background music, or a simple soundtrack. The new Pan and Zoom tool (Ctrl-P) makes it simple to crop images to a particular ratio, even when the background image is dissimilar, which is hard to do in other apps. PowerDirector is full of such simple tools like this that make it faster to create content.

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  • Feature pack 1 includes new shooting modes, a fast frame rate, DVD style trimming and the new animated graphics filter with creation of photo collages, photo strips, and animated videos from your frames.
  • Feature pack 2 added a new audio and video chat mode that lets you capture video and audio while chatting.
  • Each feature pack has optimized images, audio/video effects, added channels, and other new features.

CyberLink Director Suite 365 v10.0 System Requirements

  • Intel Core 2 Duo or higher
  • 3 GB RAM or more
  • 20 GB Hard Disk

  • BGJRQ-CZ9JE-320SV-YC807-LT0BF-375HA
  • WLPFY-0T2ZE-3W5QI-16HH4-87OOI-27CNG
  • 9877G-AI892-QAO8D-FLEN5-5P07J-ONBZY

  • 04HI0UR93T0ZHQS71ULO6Z2S2DK20B
  • QV2J4-63C8S-QHMXV-9X1GI-K83MG-TC6I0
  • J0HZ3-32Y3H-E0C2B-81EK0-QYMZ2-586IA

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