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TV – If you like to watch TV you’ll love PowerDVD’s ability to clone TV shows, or create your own. You can switch between stills, clips, or video. You can also take a picture of your TV screen.

The Blu-ray player in PowerDVD Ultra 4.0 has improved thanks to the increase in speed and expandability. You can use the up/down key to skip frames, and the home key to fast forward or rewind. You can even change between audio and video tracks to discover hidden content.

PowerDVD Ultra adds 3D support. This allows you to playback videos and content in 3D with ease. You can control the on-screen action from the included control panel, or even control from the keyboard.

The PowerDVD version of 2019 is bigger, and better, and that’s still true for 2020. And like the 2019 iteration, the focus here is on video quality. It’s a treat for videophiles, you and your every video-equipped device, and of course, those who favor cloud services and want access to content on any of their devices, from anywhere. 

CyberLink PowerDVD Download [Repack] + Serial number

PowerDVD will not only play movies and music in a multimedia player but also let users to play videos, songs, and photos. Users can watch HD video on your PC while play music and photo. It can support most music and video formats, including MP3, WMA, WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4, FLAC, ALAC, MP3, AAC, WAV, OGG, FLAC, APE, and ACC.

CyberLink PowerDVD is an international player, which has an excellent UI design that is user friendly. The software is based on the concept of “Protect your rights to your home movies”. It supports Blu-ray disks and DVDS, as well as popular internet TV services like: PLEX Go, DIRECTV, DISH, and Sling TV.

As an ultimate solution, PowerDVD supports a wide variety of the most popular media, including standard DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and video files from online streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, and many others.

The solution has been trusted by over 50 million users since it was launched in 2002. It was the first Blu-ray Disc Player with 3D and AVCHD formats.

Download CyberLink PowerDVD [Repack] Last version

The $59.99 package offers two options. PowerDVD 21 Standard is the cheaper one. Along with it, you’ll get a Blu-ray burner, a few disc design templates and a PC mode. The latter is again better than the standard version of cyberlink powerdvd free downloads which doesn’t have any personalised options. 

PowerDVD 21 Standard is less of a case of product and price parity and more about the fact that it comes with some cool extras that make it a better deal for buyers. You’ll find that the Standard edition allows you to burn Blu-ray discs for playback in the living room as well as having the ability to customise your discs’ main and backdrop images. 

The PC mode is supported from Windows XP (SP3) onwards. You’ll find that CyberLink’s Blu-ray burner isn’t the fastest burning software. In fact, you’ll need a moderate system to handle it. This includes 1GHz dual core processor and at least 3GB of RAM. 

This version of PowerDVD 21 works across a range of devices including Android, Apple, Chromecast, Google TV and Windows. The software will enable you to place your media on an external hard drive and share it with friends and family. You’ll need to pay a little extra for PowerDVD 21 Ultra’s shared features but will be glad you did.

CyberLink PowerDVD New Version

Recoding support for VR, 360-degree videos. As more companies are rolling out 4K Ultra HD and 360-degree video, the demand for VR (such as in virtual reality headsets) is rising. Cyberlink has added support to PowerDVD 20 to convert videos to the AVC (H.264) codec for VR playback. This is a major upgrade that will likely appeal to VR enthusiasts and professionals in other video creation fields.

At first glance, PowerDVD looks quite similar to previous versions, but under the covers a few things have changed. “Bandicam” and “ShapeCam” have been replaced by four new digital movie capture modes, as well as new “Studio Pro” tools for basic editing. And, for those who are really interested, there’s now a near-complete set of features dedicated to PAL video sources, in addition to increasing support for various other regional formats.

New features are tightly integrated with the Windows versions. On Windows 8.1, the new OS sports a new interface, which I found to be slightly more intuitive than previous versions. The Play List is now a grid of nicely organized columns; I particularly appreciate the Text, Frame by Frame, Frames, and Timer columns. The thumbnail view, which I just love because I don’t think I can live without it, has been incorporated in the Play List, but has been given a makeover in PowerDVD 20. I was put off by the version of PowerDVD I tried two years ago. It had a boxy, textured interface and was slow. After this version, I no longer feel the same way. 

Main benefits of CyberLink PowerDVD

For a bit of a visual upgrade, PowerDVD upscales (2D) content to nearly UHD (3D) to create incredibly detailed pictures. PowerDVD also features a dual-core processor and is offered in two flavors: Multimedia (512MB of RAM, $79.99) and Multimedia Plus (1GB RAM, $79.99). The plus version includes CyberLink’s TrueTheater technology, an image-stabilizing system that makes watching movies, pictures, and video more tolerable.

Linux support. PowerDVD works on all major Linux distributions, including Ubuntu and Mint. As with Windows and macOS, you’ll need to use Wine to run it on Linux. Wine is a compatibility layer for Windows software that wraps Windows executables to make them function natively in Linux.

Ultra HD video playback. A feature of 2015’s Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc specification is that it doubles the resolution of a 1080p video file from 4K to 8K. It also doubles the resolution of a file from 1080p to 4K video. So you can play even HD DVD and Blu-ray discs in 4K and 8K, without downscaling the video to fit the screen. Before PowerDVD, Windows could play discs in higher resolutions than 4K, but you could only play them full-screen, so they were squished to fit.

What is CyberLink PowerDVD?

PowerDVD is enhanced with the newest technologies to deliver and enhance its gaming, content management and navigation experience. Its smart user interface makes searching, playing, organizing and managing files easier. The interface also includes a stunning look that makes every movie or game feel like a movie or game. At the click of a button, users can convert to Blu-ray and HD DVD discs, or add them to their library. Even though it is one of the world’s most popular media players, PowerDVD has a learning curve. CyberLink has designed PowerDVD to be intuitive and easy to use for everyone.

New TV Mode: PowerDVD 16’s new TV Mode lets users experience the full cinematic experience of cinema on the big screen in their homes. PowerDVD is already the leading player for movies, music and video games on PC. Now it is the leading player for home theater on the big screen in your home. Powered by CyberLink’s THX technology, users can enjoy the benefits of cinema viewing wherever they are. With Cinema Mode, viewing a movie or video game is as easy as it is on any other device. While movie watchers can enjoy 3D in the comfort of their living rooms, gamers can play games right from the movie or video game.

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This means that we can enjoy content that was recorded in surround sound, and it’s supported on your end, too. CyberLink does an excellent job of encoding audio that matches the movie.

With the release of Bowtie 12.1, CyberLink is partnering with Acura to create a media player that integrates into the automaker’s high-end brand experience, and offers premium features to those who splurge on the latest tech-cool vehicles.

This feature allows you to play Blu-ray discs natively or with a networked Blu-ray drive (A 1TB drive is bundled with the software). Playing your Blu-ray movies with PowerDVD is a breeze. You can have it running in the background or even get it to launch automatically from any menu. The program also includes a filter function that can help with improving the image quality in your movies. For example, it will automatically convert your movie to the AVCHD format. You can even put it in Offline Mode and have it sync with you later on. The player supports all the most recent format changes and does not require a firmware update.

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It has a slick user interface, and serves as a powerful file manager. It’s easy to use, and features playback controls to fast-forward and rewind, play, pause, chapter-skip, and adjust the volume. Video quality is excellent, with an option to zoom in on your movie. It offers excellent support for subtitles, and a high-definition menu.

CyberLink PowerDVD 18 Ultra is a DVD movie player, with a comprehensive and powerful media library. It features playback controls to fast-forward and rewind, play, pause, chapter-skip, and adjust the volume. Video quality is excellent, with an option to zoom in on your movie. It offers excellent support for subtitles, and a high-definition menu.

You can upload them to your cloud storage via a right-click context menu, and share them directly via email, Facebook or Flickr. It would be useful to have some other options – Twitter, for example – but that’s a minor complaint.

PowerDVD is available in two editions. Both have integrated playback support for video CDs, DVDs, music CDs, and online media. The integrated playback options are identical in both PowerDVD versions.

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