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Besides all these, CyberLink YouCam Cracked 9 also includes a user-friendly interface and a vibrant appearance that will win you over fast. For more info visit the following link for the full list of features and the price.

To get the free version of CyberLink YouCam, firstly you have to download the CyberLink YouCam app and then log-in. Click on the Free Edition of YouCam 9 for downloading the best-rated and most popular tool which includes all the standard features along with a total of 40 effects included in this application. The free version of the YouCam 9 comes with a total of 100 effects, which makes it easy to do the editing in a short time and make it look excellent. Our sole purpose of offering the free app is to give you an extra edge in your live chats and online video chats. For more details and a full evaluation of the CyberLink YouCam 9 go to the following link.

Overall, the CyberLink YouCam 9 is both easy and simple to use, can convert video files, edit them and even use as the stand alone webcam. It also serves as the best webcam alternative among other products and for a less-expensive cost too.

The CyberLink YouCam 9 allows you to capture video recordings of live stream broadcasting as well as for your online video chats, so that you can edit and even apply special effects to them easily before you preview your webcam video to your Facebook friends. Furthermore, you can easily import a variety of high-quality video clips by simply dragging and dropping them into the video editor window. The application also includes a powerful editing tool that allows you to trim, crop, resize, join, animate and add effects.

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If you prefer to stream live to your online audience, you can now use Live Streamer with CyberLink YouCam 9. The Live Streamer tools includes the ability to upload live videos to the most popular social networks, such as Facebook and YouTube. You also have the ability to embed links to your favorite social network profiles into your live videos to direct your audience to your live videos as well as likes.

If you want to make a series of live videos, the CyberLink YouCam 9 adds the ability to publish your videos automatically as well as allows you to save files to the CyberLink Media Manager or the CyberLink Media Archive. This utility also lets you to capture clear snapshots from your webcam. Furthermore, CyberLink YouCam 9 comes with the ability to add live wallpaper to your desktop. The most stunning feature of this software is the ability to change your background up to eight HD images that are loaded by the software. You can also download more images from the CyberLink Media Manager and also save them on your desktop.

Now, you can easily record all of your desktop and video files to the CyberLink Media Manager as well as save them on your desktop. You can now share all of your videos, snapshots, as well as also videos to your social networks by using social live streaming software.

The most recent software of CyberLink allows you to automatically activate your webcam and start recording your movie. The recording can also be stopped at any time. Also, your record to the CyberLink Media Manager after the tracking process is finished. If you are looking to record just your face, the YouCam 8 includes a skin smoothing feature that allows you to slow down the movie recording while still having a smooth video. Because this feature makes any sort of movement that you would be making on a mobile device, the images would be smoothed. Furthermore, YouCam 8 would allow you to take a screenshot of your desktop as well as adjust them for purposes such as marketing and also branding purposes.

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CyberLink YouCam Description

YouCam has gotten a lot of traction lately. It has a number of features which many other similar programs lack, including FaceBeautification, that allows you to do a number of tricks to improve your image. The application runs silently in the background as it records the images at high speed, allowing you to seamlessly capture any event as it happens. The program also records while you are chatting online, and will pull the chat information into the record for you.

Just about any webcam you want to use with YouCam can be easily found here. Even the Skype, XM and Click4Sky cameras are compatible, including the old USB PD cameras, all of which can be easily plugged in and used from the YouCam application.

YouCam comes with over 200 effects, filters and effects that will turn you into a movie star without the need to film it yourself. With the help of YouCam you can add special effects to your live video, monitor your webcam or make a video call. Effect Types include Face, Text, Gender, Pose, Resize, Artistic, Color and many more.

The genuine YouCamTray.exe file is a software component of CyberLink YouCam by CyberLink.
CyberLink YouCam is webcam management and photo editing application. YouCamTray.exe launches the system tray service for CyberLink YouCam. This is not an essential Windows process and can be disabled if known to create problems. CyberLink YouCam features image editing tools such as face beautifier tools, filters and distortion effects, 200 live effects for video chats and recordings, capture tools, and security tools such as surveillance and facial recognition for authentication. YouCam is available for the Windows platform. CyberLink Corporation is a Taiwanese company that develops multimedia software products such as PowerDVD, MediaShow, Power Director, and more Cyberlink was founded in 1996 by Dr. Jau Huang, a professor at the National Taiwan University. In 2000, CyberLink became a publicly traded company, featuring on the Taiwanese stock exchange. CyberLink is listed among the 200 Best under a Billion companies by Forbes. It is currently headquartered in New Taipei, Taiwan.

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CyberLink YouCam System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Intel Pentium II 450MHz or greater
  • RAM 512MB or greater

CyberLink YouCam Features

  • Live Your life with YouCam
  • Moves Your life to the next level
  • Add Over 200 Camera Effects, Titles, and Custom Images
  • Share Your life with Friends, Family, and Fan Community
  • Chat with Live Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, OBS, Skype, and Wirecast.
  • Connect to Your TVs to Stream Your Lives and YouCams
  • Use Your YouCams to Watch Your Favorite Recordings, Live, and Streaming.
  • Quickly Set-up Your YouCams and Enable Various Features.
  • Quickly Uploads Your Recordings and Streams
  • Access YouCam Settings, Camera Features, and more.
  • Email Live Broadcast from CyberLink YouCam to Your Friend to Get Feedback.
  • Fully Live Recording. Detailed video summary and rich media presentation for later review.

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