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If you use a different tool to create and publish Office 2016 App-V packages, you can extract the exact Office 2016 bits directly from the publish stage. The Office 2016 bits will be listed as an extra option. In the Office 2016 Deployment Configuration File, you’ll see the version listed next to the option: Office 2016 as an Application and Click on this option, to view the specific Office 2016 bits.

Office 2016 packages can be published in the earlier App-V 8.0 format. If you are using any new features and updates in Office 2016, you should use the latest version of App-V. All of the latest version of Office 2016 App-V packages published earlier this year were using App-V 8.0. However, in App-V 9.0, all packages can be created with the same App-V source.

Since all of the package applications can be found in the same location and can be stored on the same computer, a very clean environment is available. All of the applications will share the same Office resources and, therefore, will not require multiple licenses. You can create an Office 2016 App-V package that includes both a Windows Store and a Desktop version of Office, so both users have the latest version of the Windows Store version or the Desktop version of Office.

Both the stand-alone and subscription versions of Visio are about 20% cheaper for each edition than the equivalent MS Office. Also, the price for the Stand-alone version is $60.00 lower than the stand-alone MS Office Pro.

In Office 2016 for Windows, Click-to-Run is the preferred installation technology. In Office 2016 for Mac, MSI is the preferred installation technology. However, you can install any Office product with any of the installation technologies.

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Since the Office Deployment Tool is an alternate installation method for a product that doesn’t support volume activation, it installs it using the same version of the product that it’s being installed on. Since the Office Deployment Tool doesn’t support volume activation (with the exception of one method), we still recommend you use the volume licensing path of Project and Visio as described previously in this article.

VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office) is one of the features you’ll find in Visio 2016, which means that you can use Visual Studio to create add-ins and ActiveX controls for Visio. If you’re building add-ins in Visual Studio, and you’re working with a licensed version of Project 2016 (not the Office Deployment Tool), then you’ll find VSTO built in. Just like with the Office Deployment Tool, VSTO and Project 2016 can both be used with both single- and multiple-user licensing. You can also use VSTO with other products, such as Skype for Business.

If you use the Office Deployment Tool to deploy Visio 2016 to a computer, then Visio automatically uses the Copy Protection technology (which you’ve been presented with if you’re already a Visio Office 365 subscriber). If you remove the copy protection in the Setup file, then it will allow you to activate the product. If you need to use the Visual Studio environment to create VSTO add-ins for Visio, then you won’t be able to activate the product using the Office Deployment Tool (with the exception of activating multiple users), and you’ll need to use a volume license.

Find the setup file for the Office Deployment Tool in the files for the Windows Server 2016 installation media. On some installations, you can also use the Office Deployment Tool if you’re using Hyper-V, or you can use Windows PowerShell.

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What is Microsoft Office Visio 2016?

What is Microsoft Office Visio 2016?

Visio 2016 now have two versions (Professional and ProPlus) and they are downloaded from the Microsoft website. There are three main versions in which Visio can be purchased:

  • Visio Standard
  • Visio Professional
  • Visio ProPlus

Visio allows you to create and maintain 2D and 3D diagrams in a centralized way. You can share them with your collaborators easily and they can work on them simultaneously. The 2D and 3D diagrams are graphically represented and are easy to understand by the casual viewer, making it easy to collaborate with team members from various disciplines. One of the best features of Visio 2016 is the ability to create diagrams just by using your keyboard.

Microsoft presents the new version of Visio 2016 (Professional) as a significant update, designed to take advantage of the latest features in Microsoft Office 2016, like the introduction of the Microsoft Flow, the modern data designer and more. Visio 2016 will be installed on your Windows 10 PC as a standalone product, unlike previous versions that were installed on the Office System. You no longer need to install Office separately from Visio.

Now a brand new version of this software has just been released, which includes a huge set of upgrades and various changes. This new version of Visio has the same name, but it’s quite different. The improvements we’ve made to Visio 2016 include:

• New set of online templates you can find in This includes templates for creating Diagrams, Workflows, Flowcharts and some more. All online templates are free and organized by category. You can easily create new flowchart, just by dragging and drop.

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Microsoft Office Visio 2016 Features

  • Drag-and-drop functionality: You can drag, move, copy, and even delete shapes on your page.

  • Autosnap to connectors: No more guessing where connectors will end up.

  • Autonumbering of shapes: All shapes have an auto-generated integer number at the left and right of the shape, just like Excel.

  • Object and Note property management: You can easily control what the text in the title, notes, and more is set to (using the Notes panel).

What’s new in Microsoft Office Visio 2016

What's new in Microsoft Office Visio 2016

  • Better controls to incorporate feedback into your work
  • Multiple tools for developing and sharing diagrams with clients and IT
  • Visible quality assurance workflows for a more iterative development cycle
  • Additional collaboration features for teams

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