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Tenorshare UltData is an ultra-fast and intelligent data recovery tool that can help you rescue all your data from your Windows or Mac computer. With this program, you can back up and restore iCloud, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and hundreds of other file types with a simple click. It also supports almost every kind of Android backup, including APK files. This software is compatible with Windows 8, 7, 10, XP, Vista, Mac OS X (10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, and 10.10), and Linux platforms. It can directly extract backup file from all Windows operating systems back to iTunes Library with a simple click, including iOS backup. Moreover, you can also use it to extract Android backup and restore it to any Android phone or tablet. The newly released version of Tenorshare UltData can help get you back your lost files quickly by scanning the whole hard drive, which can even recover all your data even if it is deleted. With this method, you can quickly recover photos, contacts, SMS, voice memos, ringtones, videos, music and other files from your Mac or Windows PC. If you get stuck when trying to recover your data from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or other iOS devices, you can also use the data recovery technique to get back all lost data from iPhones, iPads, iPods, and other iOS devices. You can even recover files even if youve formatted your computer or your device was formatted by a third-party software, such as quick format, format c: or format d: for computer, and format e: or format f: for Android phones or tablets.

When used, Tenorshare UltData can be recognized by its interface, which is easy to use and does not require complicated menu selections. You can press the Start button to scan the whole computer for files, which can quickly scan the data it finds. Tenorshare UltData has very detailed and precise recovery options. When youre done, you can restore data to computer or another mobile device.

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To save your data from the risk of data loss, you need to pay some amount of money to download Tenorshare UltData. But the real question is, how safe is it to pay money to get the software that is going to analyze your iPhone data? The answer to this question is not as easy as you think. Tenorshare UltData has been a household name over the years and due to its reputation, it receives a lot of downloads from all over the world. But that does not make it reliable.

To buy Tenorshare UltData, you first need to register it. Tenorshare UltData registration code is your password to access the main features. But there are some users who prefer to have a cracked version of Tenorshare UltData instead. Cracked versions of Tenorshare UltData are usually provided as Tenorshare UltData crack for free. But are they safe to use?

On the other hand, a free trial version gives you a fair idea about the working of Tenorshare UltData Lifetime Version. If you are satisfied with its features, you can choose to subscribe or purchase. However, if you are not satisfied with the trial version, you should not buy the premium version.

Ever accidentally lost data? Its a nightmare, and it happens to everyone, and is a real nuisance, to say the least. Yes, losing photos, important contact numbers and documents can put you in a hassle. Now, Tenorshare data recovery software solves this problem. Now, data recovery is such a complex process that it demands a professional to handle it. That is why, Tenorshare data recovery software is so necessary. Get your hand on it and let it help you solve your problem.

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Tenorshare UltData Review

Tenorshare UltData Review

In short, Tenorshare UltData offers the user flexibility, high speed, lightning-fast recovery speed, a safe environment and even the ability to recover photos, videos and other items on the phone.

If you are willing to use it, Tenorshare software has a step-by-step guide on how to perform the data recovery process and recover deleted data from your iPhone. As for how long it takes, it will take a maximum of one hour and a half for an iPhone 6 to be fixed depending on your device’s recovery ability. In terms of price, the cost is $25 for a single license and $59 for a 3-user license.

Tenorshare is not always recognized as a very trustworthy data recovery tool and people are usually tricked by its expensive cost. However, there are plenty of positive reviews about it, including our independent review. Many a times, it can be tricky to locate for a best data recovery tool, especially the correct iPhone data recovery software. You don’t have to wonder anymore since we’re here to guide you. All you need to do is to follow the steps below.

The Tenorshare data recovery tool is extremely affordable and with the help of the free trial version, you can get to try the software yourself. However, if you get a chance to download the official software, then this UltData review will help you to know the advantages and disadvantages of the software. It also provides tips on how to get the most out of this tool. Even if you use the trial version, there are plenty of features on offer. Aside from the usual data recovery, it is also able to edit the file name of deleted data to get them in their original state.

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Tenorshare UltData System Requirements

Tenorshare UltData System Requirements

  • Windows Operating System
  • Dual-boot System
  • 1GB RAM
  • 9GB Hard Disk Space

Tenorshare UltData Features

  • Restore all Data From iPhone/iPad/iPod/Pods/iCloud
  • Displays Serial Number, Name and IMEI of all iOS device
  • It supports all iOS operating systems of ios 9, ios 8, ios 7, ios 6, ios 5, ios 4, ios 3
  • Connects iPhone/iPad/iPod/Pods/iCloud/Backup to Computer
  • Monitor the Backup and Restores the progress for completion
  • Saves the Backup to iDevice
  • Display the Backup, Reconstruct and Restore Log Files
  • Restore Multiple iPhone/iPad/iPod/Pods/iCloud Backups
  • Fix iOS Device Not Working
  • Converts iPhone/iPad/iPod/Pods/iCloud/Backup to iTunes File or Folder
  • Saves all backups to iPhone/iPad/iPod/iCloud/iTunes/Backup

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